Top 5 Enterprise mobile App development companies

“69% of company departments are already using between 2-5 enterprise mobile apps, 27% are using >6 enterprise app solutions.” Recent statistics shows that many businesses are now embracing the use of enterprise mobile apps to develop their business. The trend … Read More

Top 5 Hybrid App development companies

Let us know few myths, accepted through communities of developers worldwide: “Hybrid apps are slow. Hybrid apps look shitty. Hybrid apps are unsafe. You won’t be able to implement this feature.” Reaching at least specified of number of consumers can … Read More

Top 5 native mobile application development companies

“Hybrid apps have serious limitations.” “The average app will lose 77% of its users within 3 days of installing the application, and 90% of users within one month. This should have many developers looking into how to best retain their … Read More