iBOSS is your personal mental coach who will help you become the true and unique BOSS of your life, to take control of it, and achieve success and happiness in the three main areas of life: Health, Money,Affects.

DIARY: iBOSS offers a diary section in which our willpower will be tested in three different areas (Health, Money, Affects). Inside you can save your goals, each one with maturity and difficulty, and based on the achievement or failure of it your average grades will change!

BACHECA: iBOSS as well as being a real personal diary is also a platform company! In fact, the bulletin board section offers the possibility to publish your commitments, view those of other users, comment on them and put a like on those you like best!

WHO AM: iBOSS offers a section of the    public figure Livio Sgarbi, for know everything about him, check his social platforms and its site.

NEWS: iBOSS will keep you updated on all the initiatives concerning Livio sgarbi and Ekis, the company that deals with coaching and personal training.

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