Law Practice App

Mobile Apps for Law Practices

Mobile apps for law practices help customer to specifically in law industries to manage their customers matters, access case documents while in court,communicate with customers schedule appointment with customers etc... ITS SIMPLY

Call to action information from your fingure through mobile apps.
Get recent event and law cases info from mobile dashboard.

Access full case information from mobile apps with option to add quick add data related to case.
User can add time keeping,case notes, schedule appointments with client, Case call log from mobile apps.

View all case documents from mobile apps.
Simply access all documents with option to download.
As well as shared documents via social media
or email to customer directly from mobile apps.

Access contact information associated with case(Matter) It will be very easy for lawyer to access customer's contact info associated with case.
Quickly call customer from mobile apps by simply click on phone number.

List all cases and event in order of last updated date and time so it will be easy for lawyer to get latest cases on top to bottom

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