School Bus Tracking

Smart Bus Safe & Live

We have build Smart Bus App for Schools and Parents. The complete solutions includes Mobile app for School Bus drivers and Parents connected with School management by Web based Admin control.

Parents can view the bus assigned for their Child on Map. The exact status of the bus on map, expected time of arrival, till the bus reaches to the school, when bus leaves from the school and at what speed the bus is driven.

The driver is assigned a bus and route for each trip with the list of children he has to pick up from which pick up points. The driver will scan from his mobile app to capture a child’s presence by scanning a QR code on child’s ID card.
School management, transport manager or any other assigned person will have access to the web based admin panel to manage parents and drivers. The admin will add parent’s list and create drivers’ as App users. They can assign a bus and a route to the driver. Track all drivers and bus status from the app including their driving speed.

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