Technology is all lined up to make the smartphone an even smarter device in 2018. Leave aside 2017, even 2016 saw augmented reality become an application development trend and witnessed a number of augmented reality-based mobile apps. Remember Pokémon Go? This was a valuable addition to the augmented reality sector which caught the whole world by storm. Even more of this is expected to come in 2018. The exciting thing for the consumer is that they never know when the next augmented reality craze will come and take the whole world by storm!

Social media, SMS, and email syncing could become common-place where the smartphone picks keywords and phrases from your messages and provides an app option designed to suit your needs.

How about sending a ‘let me book a cab for two’ message to a friend, and a taxi booking app opens automatically? Do we need technology to have this much control in our lives? While it might not suit everyone’s personal choice, it can never be ruled out as something that could make or break the success of your app.

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