A mobile app customized for your fitness facility can provide members with convenient ways to check in to the facility, track their workouts, learn about promotions and more.totally online facility provide by this application.



There are so many positives when it comes to automating the gym check in process. If you’re not using an app, here are users favorite benefits:

Benefits :

  • User will get daily updates from trainer.
  • They can maintain his or she’s regular exercise at home.
  • Particular Gym trainer put own exercise video on this app.
  • User can check whos sponsor to particular gym.
  • Easy to find gym location.
  • Easy to share video in social media.
  • Easy to share location to other users.


1. “User will ALWAYS UP TO DATE”
User love the fact that the timetable is always up to date in the App and that it is so easy to check.tranie wants to up to date for user so they need to push video regularly and create followers and save trainers video.

2. “IT’S SO EASY TO BOOK Training Section”
Multiple Gyms register own gym in this app & if there is any training section or coming up training section so you can get notification from following that gym and you can attend easily attend section.

This was an extremely popular answer among members who attend gyms utilize the Push Notification feature to good effect. Members like to know the latest news and happenings of their gym in a particular week. Members also praised the inspirational push notification messages they receive, as it keeps their motivation high!


1. Motivational and inspirational Video:
– E.g. trainer added video for workout,fitness,diet balancing etc..

2. Details of new courses launching:
– “E.g. New special session for workout,fitness,diet balancing etc ”

3.Training, exercise and nutrition tips:
– “Gym trainer provide tips for fitness”

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