At Mobimeter, We believe that making a great Arabic app does not only require stellar code development and beautiful aesthetics, but an in-depth understanding of the language and regional culture.

We have worked with many companies in the UAE, and developed apps based out of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc.

Our Arabic mobile application development capabilities include development of:

  • Arabic Educational App
  • Arabic Live tracking school Bus App
  • Arabic CRM App
  • Arabic B2B App
  • Arabic Health care App
  • Arabic Beauty App
  • Arabic Dating App
  • Arabic Gym App
  • Arabic e-commerce App
  • Arabic Charity App
  • Arabic Photo Editing App
  • Arabic e-Learning App
  • Arabic Food App
  • Arabic Real Estate Property Management Service
  • Arabic Dental App
  • Arabic Hair salon
  • Arabic Legal Industry firm

Arabic Mobile App Development – How We Take Care of the Details:

Over a decade of industry experience has taught us that no two apps are similar and that language and culture have an impact when it comes to the reception a mobile application receives from the public. Whether you are based out of one of Arabic speaking nations, or intend to develop an app to tap the large Arab market but have no prior experience in the language, we can help. Our expertise in developing Arabic apps extends to the following –

  • RTL Navigation: We ensure that right-to-left navigation is suitably incorporated throughout the app. This ensures that Arabic users feel comfortable with the navigational layout, scrolling, etc. We work with suitably tested RTL frameworks for Android, iOS, and Windows while incorporating inbuilt APIs which leverage the same.
  • Font Usage and Arabic Typesetting: Arabic characters are usually wider and shorter than Latin characters. As a result, the app can look vastly different in both typefaces. We keep this in mind while developing the Arabic layout wireframe for the app. we make sure that Arabic readers are extremely comfortable with the app typesetting, and make judicious use of white spaces and accurate translations as most of the apps are bilingual. If required, we also buy special fonts as requested by the client.
  • Bilingual/Multilingual Apps: Arabic apps are one of the most difficult to code for, and when the app needs to support multiple languages; the job gets even tougher. Our Arabic app developers ensure that when choosing language options within the app, the transition to another language is seamless and has no conflicts.
  • Image Selection: we understand the importance of specific images and how they should be positioned within an Arabic app. We do not use the same images for Arabic and English versions, as simply flipping the images horizontally can create massive UI and UX issues. A lot of care goes into selecting the correct image to be displayed within your app.
  • Cultural Influence: Arabic application development respects the unique cultural aspects of all Arabic speaking nations. As a result, we ensure strict compliance to any and all local laws and regulations, while delivering heightened customer satisfaction results for our clients every single time.
  • Strict Quality Checks: Before passing certification, all our apps are checked thoroughly not only in-house but also by the client so as to ensure all their requirements have been met. With clients spread out across UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., we have developed unique communication channels so as to ensure they feel involved during the app development process.

Have any question? Interested in working with us? Take the first step and Contact Us. via our online form or by phone at +1 630 861 8263.

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